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Diploma in Industrial Safety & Construction Safety
Diploma in Industrial Safety & Construction Safety
Diploma in Industrial Safety & Construction Safety is a program initiated by the Government of India for employees and aspiring students in the field of occupational risks and health issues. Aimed at empowering them with knowledge, skills and awareness in workplace safety, health and environment associated with industries, the one year course designed and developed by IIST helps to ward off risks, accidents and related losses.

The course programme teaches students all practical aspects of risk management techniques, safety management operations, monitoring safety and health operations, improving standard of health of the employees and enhancing general safety measures. Due to rise in number of workplace related accidents and disasters, it is imperative to safeguard human lives, protect the environment and conserve existing industrial assets to achieve safe and secure workplace. The training programme also makes the participants thorough safety experts who can be deployed in any kind of industrial surrounding in any part of the world.

The qualification is also suitable for managers and supervisors working in other industries, as the construction safety course touches certain common concern related to safety and health of employees across all industries. The course also helpful for those employed in health and safety department in other occupational settings but need additional construction specific knowledge to enhance their work potential.

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