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Aviation Safety
Aviation Safety
The safety of the aviation industry is of critical importance both in terms of accident / incident prevention and the financial performance of the industry. The development of Safety Management Systems (SMS) and their endorsement by the International Civil Aviation Organisation facilitates a more coordinated approach of the various elements that create a safe operation. With over years' experience delivering aviation safety related training for industry, Cranfield University Safety Accident and Investigation Centre has developed this new course to enhance material contained in the Safety Management Manual.

It brings together all the relevant academic expertise along with industry experts working in regulation and accident investigation. This course covers the fundamental concepts behind safety management systems and their practical implementation into the air transport environment.

  • Safety data, safety information and analyses; including reporting systems, investigation and FDM.
  • Hazard identification and risk management, including an introduction to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).
  • Safety performance and safety health; including guidance on audits and safety promotion.
  • Safety organisations, including guidance on effective management of safety teams.

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