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Icon Institute Capacity To Translate Vision into REALITY
Icon Institute  Capacity To Translate Vision into REALITY
First of all, as the Managing Director of Icon Institute of Safety Training, I wish to extend our appreciation to clients who have supported IIST activities with the mission of becoming your preferred partner in the field of health and safety.

To contribute towards efforts in upgrading safety  and health through developing curriculum and training programmes for workers and employees, employers and those who are responsible, either directly or indirectly for safety and health field. Our efforts have been based upon development supported by educational and training programmes. Most of our programmes have seen phenomenal success because each one of them was channelled through process of research, implementation and audit and was dedicated to the nation. We look forward to all possible support in our endeavour, be it in terms of finance, ideas, criticism, inspiration or appreciation. 

To assist industry, commerce and others in solving problems related to safety. With other organisations, training providers or agencies, Icon Institute of Safety Training continued to work closely to increase its performance as well as to enhance its capabilities in IOSH, NEBOSH, DIPLOMA related matters. To conduct short-term and long-term research in  safety and health related areas that will benefit and bring advantages to the country. To disseminate information on research findings and to become the centre of reference in the field of IOSH, NEBOSH, DIPLOMA.

It is our mission to become the partner of organizations towards full compliance. Thus, Icon is constantly developing its manpower and expertise on the new and current hazards and issues on IOSH, NEBOSH, DIPLOMA such as stress at the workplace, problems related to manual handling, backaches and the detection, monitoring and control of chemical exposure resulting in work related accidents and diseases. 


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